What's a View Worth?

The million dollar question is; what is a view worth?  How do you quantify a subjective quality?  Extensive research has allowed ViewHomesNetwork to create a formula to calculate true market value.

First we must try to understand what makes people pay for a view.  As Humans we have a powerful emotional response to natural views.  We seem to have a deep seeded need to connect with our surroundings.  Consciously or subconsciously; views give us a feeling of quiet pleasure.  A feeling of a higher status, that we've finally "made it!"

Some of the best views are unobstructed water views from the top of a hill. Views are a highly sought after commodity that give us a sense of privacy, freedom, openness, and achievement.  Being on top of the hill separates us from those on the bottom.  We may not like to admit it, but it's a primal feeling of "king/queen of the hill; a game many of us played as children. Bright open views allow more natural light into your home.  Daylight & sunlight have been proven to help with depression.  How do you put a price on your well-being?

Greater Vancouver, the lower mainland, and the entire province of British Columbia is well known for its natural beauty.  Our license plate tag line is "Beautiful British Columbia." The Liberal government and the organizers of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics announced to the World that B.C. is the “Best Place on Earth."  The Economist constantly ranks Vancouver as one of the most livable cities in the World.  With all that praise and notoriety we at the ViewHomesNetwork realize there is a premium to be paid for the gorgeous views we find ourselves surrounded by.

If you are a home owner of a view home, contact us at ViewHomesNetwork.  We'll help your price your unique property & view; and we'll showcase your property to discerning buyers from around the World.  To the right person a view can be priceless!